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The long-term vision of Tereos is the valorization of agricultural raw materials and the development of quality food products. Tereos is a leader in the sugar, alcohol and starch markets.

The Group's commitments to society and the environment contribute to the company's performance in the long term while strengthening its contribution as a responsible actor. The cooperative group Tereos is a union of 18,000 farmers and has recognized know-how in the processing of beet, sugarcane and cereals.

Through 49 industrial sites in 17 countries and the commitment of its 25,000 employees, Tereos supports its customers close to their markets with a broad and complementary range of products. In 2017/18, the Group achieved a turnover of €5 billion. 

Value Chain

A high-performing value chain, built on proximity and long-term commitment
Over the past 20 years, major changes have taken place in agriculture and agricultural products. These include the deregulation of agricultural policy, the opening up of the markets, the globalization of trade and consumer trends, and increasing environmental and social concerns. As a result of these changes, the environment in which we are operating is more open and more volatile. For a long time now, Tereos has been preparing for these changes by expanding internationally and diversifying its business activities. Our first-stage agricultural processing activities require close proximity. This means geographical proximity, of course, but it also means an ability to consider the interests of the sector as a whole at the highest level and in the long-term. Wherever we operate, our ability to reconcile agricultural interests with industrial interests and our commitment to the continuous development of the whole sector count among our core strengths and most fundamental goals.
Our industrial model is built on quality, flexibility and operational performance
Tereos operates 42 industrial facilities in 12 countries. The quality of our production facilities, their flexibility - which enables them to match production to demand and market changes - and their operational performance are fundamental to Tereos’ industrial model. Tereos is recognized globally for its expertise and holds leading positions in each of the European or worldwide markets in which it operates. Through continuous improvement of its processes, innovation, and the adaptation of its industrial facilities, Tereos is always on the lookout for new outlets, so that it can harness the full potential of agricultural raw materials and meet changing demands. Therefore,, alongside its key products - sugar and sweeteners, starch, alcohol, and ethanol - the Group offers a wide range of by-products.
more than 400 individual products for our industrial customers and 6 consumer brands.
Tereos distributes sugar for the public market through its long-standing and well-recognized local consumer brands: Béghin Say, La Perruche, Blonvilliers and Ligne Sucre & Stévia in France, Guarani in Brazil, TTD in the Czech Republic and Bourbon in Réunion. Tereos also supplies its industrial customers with more than 400 additional products, meeting the needs of a wide range of business sectors, such as the food industry (human and animal), and the pharmaceutical, perfume, paper, chemical and energy industries. Tereos is a forward-looking company and endeavors to anticipate changes in the market and in dietary habits, energy, and environmental trends, in order satisfy its customers’ expectations. With operations on four continents, Tereos can also help its customers expand internationally, by ensuring that they are supplied with products and services of consistently high quality.

Key figures

3,7 Mt
n°1 in France, n°3 in Brazil
€4.8 billion
cooperative partners
1,7 Mm³
n°1 in Europe
Starch products
2,1 Mt
n°3 in Europe
1 million
hectares developed

Our facilities

45 industrial facilities in 13 countries

operations in 7 countries

  • France
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania

28 factories

  • Sugar factories
  • Distilleries
  • Starch factories
Latin America

operations in 1 country

  • Brazil

8 factories

  • Sugar factories
  • Distilleries
  • Starch factories
  • Cogeneration
Africa - Indian Ocean

operations in 3 countries

  • La Réunion (France)
  • Mozambique
  • Tanzania
  • Kenya

6 factories

  • Sugar factories
  • Cogeneration

operations in 2 countries

  • China
  • Indonesia

3 factories

  • Starch factories

Our consumer brands

Tereos distributes sugar to the public market through its long-standing and well-recognized local consumer brands.

Béghin Say
This is the Group’s flagship brand, and the best known on the French market. With 47 products, it offers the widest range in France. The Group is also represented on the French market by Blonvilliers and La Perruche.
Sugars for the consumer and industrial markets are marketed in Brazil under the Guarani brand.
Bourbon Sugar Factories
The consumer brand for sugar products in Réunion.
TTD products are marketed under the TTD brand in the Czech Republic.
Ligne Sucre et Stévia
Marketed by Béghin-Say, this brand combines sugar, for its great taste, with extracts of stevia, which are 100% natural and calorie-free.
La Perruche
La Perruche has been providing the full flavor and character of authentic, 100% pure-cane sugar since 1890.