Press Release

2021/22 annual results

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Tereos hold its annual financial results press conference on Thursday 9 June 2022. Find out the main information.

> Revenues of €5,086 million, up 18% at current exchange rates, thanks to strong commercial momentum and supported by better ethanol and sugar prices and by the starch segment.

> EBITDA of €682 million in FY 21/22, up 47% at current exchange rates. Tereos posted a strong sales and industrial performance, with an additional boost also coming from the increase in raw material prices and showed discipline in its general and administrative expenses in an inflationary environment. Tereos reached its EBITDA target – between €600 million and €700 million six months earlier than the original target date of September 2022.

> Recurring EBIT of €302 million, with a 5.9% margin.

> Net financial expense of €214 million, up from €128 million last year, chiefly as a result of the rise in interest rates in Brazil and the appreciation of the Brazilian real.

> Net income up €172 million including a €96 million capital gain on asset disposals.

> Strong reduction in debt leverage to 3.5x (vs 5.5x as of end of March 2021), a level that remains high; net debt of €2,387 million, decreasing thanks to positive net cash from operating activities and proceeds from asset disposals.

> As part of its asset portfolio review, Tereos has completed the sale of its activities in China,
Mozambique, and its shareholding in Copagest. The Group has also initiated the formalities to
terminate the activities of Tereos Sugar Romania, its sugar operations in Romania.

> Appointment of Ludwig de Mot as Chairman of the Management Board on April 5, 2022.