Press Release

Ensemble™, Tereos’ plant proteins brand, will be focusing on innovation and projects a tenfold increase in its sales in five years

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In a plant proteins market growing by 8% to 9% per year, the Ensemble™ brand, launched in 2022 by Tereos, aims to increase its sales tenfold in the next five years. To support this ambition, the cooperative group will invest €4 million in its Marckolsheim plant in Alsace in order to triple its production capacity as of 2024.

Ensemble™ also wants to strengthen its uniqueness and added value on a global scale by continuing to develop on the US, European and Asian markets.

With a differentiating recipe protected by four patents, the brand continues to focus on an ambitious innovation policy in order to diversify its offer and develop products that are even more tailored to market demand. Starting next year, Ensemble™ will offer several major innovations including a range specific to seafood flavours.