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FROM WHEAT TO BIOPLASTICS: Partnership between Tereos and Futerro boosts green chemistry in a first in Europe

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Unprecedented in Europe, two industrial players, experts in their respective fields, are joining forces to develop a circular and sustainable biomanufacturing platform dedicated to green chemistry in Normandy.

Futerro, a Belgian pioneer and leader in the production of lactic acid, lactide and PLA (polylactic acid), and Tereos, a cooperative group and a major global player on the sugar, ethanol and starch markets, have signed a strategic agreement.

They aim to create a short food-supply chain, in one geographical region, comprising the extraction of dextrose (from sustainably grown French wheat) and its transformation into industrially compostable and recyclable bioplastics.

The industrial-port area of Port-Jérôme-Sur-Seine (76) is set to host this unique centre of excellence from 2027.