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[Press release] Changes in Tereos Group’s management

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The Board of Directors and Ludwig de Mot have decided, by mutual agreement, not to renew his appointment as Managing Director of Tereos as interim manager. He will step down on September 30, 2022.

The Board of Directors confirms the continuity of the Group’s strategy defined since 2021 and continues, together with the operational teams, the transformation trajectory that is enabling the Group to record tangible results. After the changes in the commercial department, the Group has deployed a new agricultural and industrial organisation at Europe level to optimise synergies between teams and simplify processes. The Board of Directors intends to continue accelerating the execution of its roadmap.

Pending the recruitment of the Managing Director, the Board of Directors announces that Gérard Clay, in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors, will assume the function of interim Managing Director.

He will lead the Group with a Management Committee composed of:
• Gwenaël Elies, Deputy Managing Director, in charge of finance, information systems, legal affairs, tax and compliance, and human resources.
• Henri Benard, Agricultural Operations Director
• Michel Laborde, Business Optimisation and Sustainability Director
• Eric Lanciaux, Group Human Resources Director
• Olivier Leducq, Commercial Director
• Sarah Leroy, Legal, Tax and Compliance Director
• Christophe Lescroart, Agricultural and Industrial Director
• Pierre Santoul, Director of Brazilian activities
• David Sergent, General Secretary, in charge of Governance and support functions for agricultural operations


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