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[Press release] Tereos announces a project to reorganise its industrial operations in France

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Today, before employee representatives of the entity concerned (Tereos France), Tereos’ management announced a project to reorganise its industrial operations. This is in response to the challenges of decarbonisation and modernising its infrastructures, as well as future agricultural developments. In 2021, Tereos launched a strategy to adapt to the transformations in its ecosystem and regain financial flexibility in order to maintain its competitiveness.

This project would consist of resizing the industrial footprint of the Escaudoeuvres plant (59), with a plan to halt sugar operations while maintaining the operations of the logistics centre, along with part of the operations of the agricultural and support departments; as well as a plan to close the Morains distillery workshop (51).

Outside of this project, Tereos is looking for a buyer for its Haussimont plant (51).