Press Release

Tereos announces the sale of its UK production site to T&L Sugars Limited

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Tereos announces the pending sale of the Tereos UK and Ireland (TUKI) site in Normanton, West Yorkshire, and its business-to-consumer (B2C) activities to UK based T&L Sugars Limited (TLS).

The Tereos UK facility packs and distributes white granulated, baking and specialty sugars to food retailers and wholesalers in the UK, under the “Whitworths Sugar” brand and private label brands.

The transaction only concerns B2C activities; Tereos will keep the industrial B2B activities which will continue as TUKI.

TLS imports raw cane sugar and refines it into sugar for consumption at its refinery in London. This sugar is then supplied to industrial customers or packed and distributed to customers in the B2C channel under British private labels, as well as under the “Tate & Lyle” brand.

Tereos is very pleased that TLS is acquiring the UK site and securing the future for all the experienced employees, the factory and storage facilities. It will enable the B2C market in the UK to maintain the same level of quality and services with a warranty of supply.

Finalisation of the transaction will take place upon completion of the UK Competition and Markets Authority approval process.