Press Release

Tereos Supervisory Board demands that the eight plaintiffs of the complaint for acts of terrorism resign

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Tereos Supervisory Board demands that each plaintiff of the complaint, dismissed by the Paris AntiTerrorist Prosecutor's Office and aimed against Tereos for acts of terrorism, resigns without delay.
These actions are incompatible with the performance of their duties within Tereos.

These eight people seriously endangered cooperative growers and employees by accusing Tereos of assisting to prepare terrorist acts. It is shocking that these people continue to justify their actions and deny the dramatic consequences. Tereos’ reputation has been permanently tarnished, both in France and internationally.

To protect its interests, Tereos has immediately initiated an action for malicious allegations. In this respect, MM. François-Xavier BEAURY, Gilles BOLLE, Etienne CLABAUT, Gerard CLAY, Laurent COURTIER, Jérôme HARY, Philippe HENNEBERT and Xavier LAUDE have been summoned to appear on June 4 before the 16th Correctional Chamber of the High Court – Tribunal de Grande Instance – in Paris.

Faced with the constant attacks and attempts to destabilize Tereos and its management, the Supervisory Board fully renews its trust in the Executive Board and confirms its determination to continue implementing its growth and diversification strategy in the interest of Tereos, its employees and its cooperative growers.