Press Release

The Public Prosecutor of Paris dismisses without further action the complaint against Tereos for “act of terrorism” and “complicity”

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Since March 20, several media have been reporting that Tereos is facing an extremely serious
accusation: "Eight sugar beet growers" accused it of "assisting the Daesh group to prepare terrorist
acts, and filed a complaint against it for "act of terrorism" and "complicity".

On April 8, less than a month after the filing of this complaint, the Paris Anti-Terrorist Public Prosecutor’s Office announced its decision to dismiss it with no further action. The justice is conveying a strong message regarding the outrageous and unfounded accusations made by these plaintiffs.

Given the seriousness of the accusations, the delay within which the justice responded to this complaint underlines, if need be, that Tereos has nothing to reproach itself in this case and the cooperative is completely exonerated.

These false accusations made against Tereos mark the culmination of a destabilization campaign, which, the company has been victim of for several months, and with each new episode a new degree of violence is put forward. The damage that these malicious allegations cause to the company, its
12,000 cooperative growers and its 25,000 employees are considerable.