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O Grupo Cooperativo açucareiro Tereos transforma matérias-primas agrícolas em açúcar, álcool e amido.

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Tereos Group's consolidated revenue amounted to €4,819 million in 2016- 2017, up 14.7% (13.7% excluding currency effects). Revenue growth is mainly due to the increase in sugar prices and the development of the international trading business, Tereos Commodities.

The Group’s adjusted EBITDA (before price complements) amounted to €607  million in 2016-2017, up €168 million, an increase of 38% (32% excluding currency effects), driven by the increase in sugar prices and the implementation of the performance plans. Contributions to adjusted EBITDA from the Sugar International and Starch and Sweeteners businesses accounted for over two thirds of Group total income, as was the case last year.