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O Grupo Cooperativo açucareiro Tereos transforma matérias-primas agrícolas em açúcar, álcool e amido.

17 fevereiro 2017
2016 beet Campaign in France : good execution and major innovations

The beet campaign that began on September 21 in French sugar factories wound up on January 12.

Tereos sugar factories processed 15 million metric tons of beets over a 107-day period, in line with forecasts.

During this campaign, agricultural and industrial experiments were carried out that will be implemented in 2017. This will be the first campaign without quotas during which Tereos will process 19 million metric tons of beets.

As the largest French sugar Group, Tereos processes the harvests of its 12,000 cooperative beet, potato and alfalfa growers. In France, the Group employs staff of nearly 4,300 and is planning to recruit 160 people in its sugar beet factories in 2017 and 2018.

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