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O Grupo Cooperativo açucareiro Tereos transforma matérias-primas agrícolas em açúcar, álcool e amido.

17 fevereiro 2017
2016 campaign in France : agricultural innovation is a key factor of competitiveness

Tereos’ long-term vision and high-performance agricultural R&D form the basis for getting ahead with experimentation and rolling out innovative solutions to support cooperative growers at all stages of technical operations relating to beets, potatoes and now alfalfa. 

New decision support tools: Tereos supports its cooperative growers by developing decision-making support tools. These tools, powered by the full range of the agricultural ecosystem, are used by Tereos to provide consulting services on agronomics and piloting assistance tools for onboard equipment. Tereos set up the Mileos tool for potatoes in Haussimont and Vic-sur-Aisne to provide better reflection on actions to combat diseases and to evaluate the risk on each plot.

  • Development of mechanized sheeting and mulching: Tereos has a strategic advantage in the area of beet storage. Over many years, the Group has developed mechanized mulching and sheeting techniques for silos to protect them against frost. This year, Tereos continues to innovate through trials of mechanized sheeting/de-sheeting on very broad silos. This practice has proven satisfactory and will begin to be used in 2017.
  • Liming of beets goes operational: Developing high-performance protection techniques for silos is essential if sugar beet yields are to be properly stored. During the 2016 campaign, liming, a technique that serves to delay rot and to preserve sugar content in beets transitioned from the agricultural R&D stage to operational status. The multiple advantages of mulching and sheeting techniques for silos have been confirmed in the successful protection of beets.

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