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O Grupo Cooperativo açucareiro Tereos transforma matérias-primas agrícolas em açúcar, álcool e amido.

22 Março 2017
Brazil : Tereos opens new sugar storage facility in Tanabi

On March 11, Tereos opened a new warehouse at its Tanabi sugar factory in the state of São Paulo, in the presence of Geraldo Alckmin, State Governor. 

Brazil is the world's largest producer and exporter of sugar. Tereos is the 3rd largest Brazilian producer of sugar. “Tereos is the 3rd largest sugar producer in Brazil. The country is strategic for Tereos, as it represents 20% of the Group's revenues”, stated Jacyr Costa, Director of Tereos Brazil. 

The Group's 7 sugar factories and 2 refineries are located in the state of São Paulo, the most productive region in Brazil for sugar cane growing. During 2016/17, Guarani will have produced 1.6 million tons of sugar and more than 630 million liters of ethanol, and will have sold more than 1 million MWh of bioelectricity. At the end of December 2016, Tereos strengthened its position in the country with the acquisition of 45% of the Guarani capital owned by Petrobas, making it the only shareholder of its subsidiary. In March, Guarani became Tereos Açucar e Energia Brasil (Tereos Sugar and Energy Brazil).

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