Local development

Anxious to make a positive impact in the 13 countries where the Tereos Group operates, we contribute to local economic development and the attractiveness of regions in France and other countries. As a creator of direct and indirect jobs, we are committed to contributing actively to revitalising local economic life.

The nature of our activities plays a big part in revitalizing the territories where we operate, with impact on the farming, industry and logistics sectors. As a leading employer, especially in rural areas, Tereos is committed to developing skilled employment, thereby making a contribution to the development of the economic and social fabric.

The Group also aims to ensure that each of its employees has opportunities for skills development and access to training programs. In this respect, Tereos has received two first international awards in 2021 for its work on training and development for its plant managers (Plant Manager Leadership Program).

Finally, the Group is committed to numerous programmes to provide support for local populations, particularly with respect to health, education and the environment.

Tereos increases the appeal of our regions

Tereos, the world’s third largest sugar producer, is also a player in local industry. With its large network of plants established in the heart of the regions, the Group has a very strong local presence and each industrial site has a direct impact on its surrounding areas. The Group’s input into the economy has indirect and induced consequences, thus contributing to local development.

In order to better understand these effects, Tereos has decided to conduct a study on several sites in France. The local impact of a site is measured by several indicators: direct impact (investment), indirect impact (suppliers) and finally induced impact (how the employees of Tereos and its suppliers contribute to the local economy through their spending and taxes: education, health care, infrastructure, etc.).

Proud of its local integration, Tereos creates growth and jobs, thereby contributing to the vibrancy and strength of its local regions!

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