Coronavirus Communiqué

Tereos continues to take adequate measures and shows solidarity facing the Coronavirus epidemic (2019-nCoV)
- situation update as of April 17, 2020 –

Tereos is a world leader in the production of sugars, alcohols, and starch-based products. These productions have been recognized as “of strategic interest” by the authorities, because they are essential for supplying sectors such as the food industry, infant nutrition, the pharmaceutical industry and hygiene products.

In the current context of the Covid-19 health crisis, our Business Units around the world are all facing the epidemic on their territory. However, and whilst respecting the health prevention measures planned by the authorities, all Tereos teams remain fully mobilized to continue their production and  supply their customers.

1 – Solidarity actions are carried out in several countries

In France, Tereos announced on Wednesday March 18 a major philanthropic action: the Group, the leading alcohol producer in France, has launched in 7 of its factories the production of hydroalcoholic solutions or disinfectant alcohol made available free of charge to French regional health agencies and hospitals experiencing critical situations: read the press release here. Since the launch of the operation, Tereos has produced and delivered more than 150,000 liters of solution to regional health agencies in France.

Tereos was able to extend the distribution of hydroalcoholic solution to its Cooperative Associates.  This was made possible by the high engagement level of Tereos employees, enabling to quickly reach a good production rate on dedicated sites, and by the organization put in place by the Cooperative Associates Department teams. From Monday April 6 to Thursday April 9, 5,500 Cooperative Associates able to withdraw their product through a “drive-in” system set up at 6 production sites.

On March 24, Tereos Sugar & Energy Brazil announced a donation of 20,000 liters of 70 ° alcohol to hospitals and regional health units in the northwest region of the State of São Paulo to help the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The volume was increased to 52,000 liters on April 3. Read the press release here.

Finally, Tereos teams are involved in solidarity initiatives at local level according to the most critical needs identified: donation of sugar to NGOs (Tereos UK & Ireland, and Tereos Sucre France in particular), donation of masks, combinations and hydroalcoholic solution in France and in Eastern Europe. In Indonesia, the Tereos FKS teams offered their employees and their families 200,000 care kits including vitamin C, hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant wipes and approved rapid diagnostic tests.

In mid-April 2020, the 7 Tereos factories participating in the solidarity effort
(six in France and one in Belgium), have already produced 150,000L of hydroalcoholic solutionand multiplied by 5 the production of fine alcohol destined to the pharmaceutical industry

2 – Tereos operations are operating normally

Tereos’ industrial operations are not directly impacted by the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. The Group’s factories are operating normally. To date, and under current conditions, Tereos does not anticipate a production disruption.

  • In all its areas of operation, Tereos announces that its activity has been identified by the ministries concerned as part of the priority sectors, such as all companies in the agricultural, agri-food, transport, transportation, energy and the medical sector. One of the priority issues concerns the freedom of movement of personnel critical to the operation of industrial sites and the shipment of goods.

In terms of its global operations, Tereos manages its logistics operations as it usually does, and makes every effort to mitigate the main risks identified:

  • The Group is not currently facing significant disruptions in its logistics and transport operations. Depending on the evolution of the affected areas, our sales, Customer Support and Supply-Chain teams constantly assess the situation and support the customers concerned as closely as possible to their needs and situations to ensure the best quality of service in this context.
  • In wider exports, the main risks of disruption to date concern measures to restrict the movement of goods and people taken in certain regions of the world, as well as the repercussions of deregulation affecting certain modes of transport.
  • Tereos applies, as always, a high level of food safety for all its products. To date and as indicated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), food has not been identified as a likely source or route of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.


3 – Health and safety prevention plan, work organization and logistics

In response to the first alerts concerning the spread of the virus, Tereos mobilized a team in charge of the transversal management of this crisis.

On February 27, the Group extended health prevention and monitoring measures to its locations around the world in accordance with the instructions of local, national and international health authorities to strengthen health and safety conditions in each location in this epidemic context.

Main measures implemented:

A.  Global “health and safety” system with our employees specifying the health measures to be followed

  • Awareness raising regarding “barrier gestures” to limit the risk of the virus spreading and protecting our employees at their workplace. These messages were communicated through the various internal information channels and in the 8 languages ​​of the Group
  • Reinforcement of site cleanliness operations: disinfection of common living areas in factories and offices, and provision of anti-spread material (hand sanitizers, surface cleaning material, temperature measurement at the entrance to all sites…).


B.  National and international mobility and meeting risk management plan

  • In the countries subject to population containment measures: suspension of all non-critical travel.
  • In countries not subject to population containment: limitation of non-critical movements. Employees are required to favor conference calls and videoconferences. Implementation of telework solutions for the functions allowing it.
  • Individualized support for people on the move (expatriation, foreigners on local contracts, long-term assignments).
  • Limitation or postponement of “non-critical” meetings and trainings, and of all internal or external events.


 C. Measures put in place for our road haulers:

Faced with the major challenges linked to logistics and road transport, while the transport sector is under pressure:

  • Our teams are in constant contact with the logistics and transport companies to pilot – and adjust if necessary – the routes according to the information transmitted by the authorities and respond to the sanitary measures in force on our sites and those of our customers.
  • In response to the measures put in place by the EU to control the movement of people and goods, and secure the fluidity of the transport of so-called “essential goods” (release of March 16, 2020):
    – Implementation of a dedicated circulation plan with our carriers to ensure the circulation of “essential goods” determined by European governments (in France: transport of agricultural raw materials, agri-food and medical products).– Edition of certificates by Tereos as a company in a sector recognized as a player of a priority activity, allowing service providers –and haulers in particular- to declare their activity as support to production and circulation of “essential goods”.
  • A specific initiative is currently deployed on our sites in France to reserve a more suitable welcome process for drivers arriving on site: reception area with coffee machine and sanitary facilities allowing a break in a context of just-in-time logistics. Tereos encourages its customers to adapt their reception system in this sense in order to develop a global approach that best supports logistics.


Tereos is of course continuing to monitor the situation as closely as possible, in collaboration with its partners and the authorities and health organizations in the countries where the Group operates. We will update this situation regularly as the situation evolves, and when the news demands it. Tereos thanks all the teams involved in the management of this crisis and mobilized for the service of its customers. Please reach out to your usual Tereos contact for any questions or clarification.