Stevia: Tereos expands its range

Through a strategic supply agreement for Stevia extracts, Tereos offers comprehensive solutions that live up to consumer expectations.

Ever-changing consumer expectations 

For several years, the “good for me, good for the planet” trend has had a significant impact on purchasing decisions. While public health policies encourage the consumption of products with improved nutrition, consumers are noticeably more wary of the amount of sugar they consume.


With that in mind, stevia is the ideal ingredient! Proof of this is the fact that the number of product launches containing stevia extracts has increased by more than 16% per year between 2016 and 2020 (source: Innova Market Insights). As a sweetener, it meets expectations in terms of nutrition by allowing the sugar and calorie content of finished products to be reduced, and this trend is reflected in labeling systems such as the “Nutri-Score.” This rating scale translate the nutritional value of a product, going from A (very healthy) to E (rather unhealthy). 


A healthy reformulation solution for our customers 

As a leading company in sweeteners, Tereos has offered its customers stevia extracts for over 10 years. In July 2021, the Group consolidated this ingredient’s position in its product range by announcing the signing of a strategic supply agreement with the Swiss firm Firmenich, the world leader in the fragrance and flavor business.

The combination of Tereos solutions and Firmenich’s range of stevia extracts will lead to innovative and appealing recipes for our customers. And with improved nutritional profiles, these products will take advantage of market opportunities in line with consumer expectations.