Tereos launches its new website!

Sleek design, valuable expertise and a multi-country portal

Combining an intuitive user experience, an overhauled design, and a showcase of Tereos’ activities, the new website is a true ‘store front’ for the Group. It was designed to simply convey what we do and how we do it through a smooth, clear, and customized browsing experience.

Whether you want to know about our sustainable development, business activities, markets, or products, you can find all the information you need, approved by Tereos’ experts, in one click!



The Tereos website is available in French, English, and soon, Brazilian Portuguese. By the end of the year, a multi-site platform will also be launched: several regions (Czech Republic, Brazil, Réunion and Romania) will have a personalized version of the site, on which about 50% of the information will be locally specific and 50% will be specific to the whole Group, in order to ensure web consistency around the world. Each region will therefore be able to take advantage of a global base while specifying the expertise, business activities, and products that are unique to their markets.

Finally, because we know that nothing is ever perfect, please do not hesitate in emailing your comments and development suggestions to  We hope you enjoy the new site,!