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Nutrition and Health

Contributing to safe, healthy and sustainable food

Health and nutrition is one of Tereos’ primary areas of focus for research and development. We aim to provide consumers and our customers with the ingredients that best meet their nutritional and functional needs.

Our high-performance and sustainable agriculture means we can fulfill consumers’ needs for affordable, nutritious and healthy food. Moreover, by producing innovative product formulations, we are supporting the growth of our customers all over the world.

Our innovations enable us to:

  • Provide good food for the very young – the Group is the world leader in the maltodextrins and pre-biotic fiber sector – the sick and those in hospital 
  • Provide better food for the elderly to keep them in good health, by developing high-energy, high-protein foods
  • Develop nutrition solutions for people with chronic conditions: fiber, protein, sweeteners, (stevia, polyols, etc.)


Improve: increasing the proportion of plant proteins in food

Tereos is one of the founders of Improve, a research platform dedicated to increasing the uses and markets for plant proteins. Launched in 2013, it aims to tackle the important issue of sustainability by increasing the proportion of plant proteins in the food we eat. 
Work is being undertaken on the full range of plant proteins (wheat, corn, alfalfa, potatoes, peas, fava beans, lupini beans, rape, etc.), for various different uses (human and animal foodstuffs, bio-sourced materials, cosmetics, etc.).