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Local development

A processor of agricultural raw materials, Tereos is rooted in its territories and actively contributes to the stimulation of local economies with its presence in 16 countries and its 49 industrial sites.

The Group maintains strong links with the agricultural world and its local environment. Sugar beet, sugar cane, potatoes, alfalfa and cassava are purchased directly from producers, close to our industrial sites. The supply of cereals in Europe is made by means of cooperatives and partner storage agencies, which favours short supply chains.

A major employer, especially in rural areas, Tereos seeks to promote skilled employment and the training of its employees, thereby contributing to the development of the social and economic fabric. The Group is also committed to different programmes to bring its support to local populations.


Mozambique : revitalising a rural area

In Marromeu, Mozambique, the Tereos Group is the main employer. It has been engaged in a number of programmes aiming to improve living conditions for local populations and revitalise this remote rural area.

  • Development of road infrastructure, access to water and restoration of the district’s hospital
  • Participation in the construction of a secondary school capable of accommodating between 600 and 800 students
  • Allocation of land (60 ha to start) for food production for the local population.


Lillers : reforestation activity

Near the Lillers sugar refinery, in the Pas-De-Calais (France), 70 ha belonging to Tereos are currently being reforested.

This land, classed as a natural zone of ecological interest for its flora and fauna, is going to be reforested following a 15-year plan in accordance with the ARBRE platform.

In 2015, the students of the Notre-Dame school in Bavay replanted 5 ha, a total of 6,000 trees from different species