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The diversity of Tereos’ raw materials and its industrial processes offer a range of hundreds of products, providing its agribusiness clients solutions adapted to their different markets and to changes in consumer needs.

Tereos invests in R&D and guides its clients through the development of new recipes to continuously improve food nutrition, while preserving taste, texture and ensuring good conservation properties.

Tereos is also committed to large-scale research projects, such as the IMPROVE research platform, which seeks to increase the proportion of vegetable proteins in food.


Marckolsheim, a centre of application research 

Tereos research and development formulates products in response to our clients’ specific needs. This applied R&D, carried out in the lab, includes creating scale-model production lines to test industrialisation capabilities. 

Tereos has, for example, guided a number of its clients in the development of new biscuit recipes, which are richer in fibre and contain up to 30% less sugar. In addition, these new recipes often add greater taste.


100 client projects are developed and tested each year in Marckolsheim

GenVie : a 100% vegetable protein food

GenVie is a food made up of vegetable proteins from wheat and chickpeas grown in France and Germany. Thanks to its innovative recipe, GenVie is a tasty, firm product with a long shelf life that manages to preserve all of its nutritional qualities.

This project was awarded a prize at the Worldwide Innovation Challenge in 2015.

In April 2016, Tereos began pilot R&D work at its Marckolsheim (France) site to allow for an initial commercialisation on test markets at the beginning of 2017.