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Product guarantees

In order to respond to global food challenges, large-scale production is essential. It also remains essential to guarantee the safety and quality of this production.

Tereos works on a daily basis to provide its customers and end-customers with excellent products, in terms of quality, origins and conditions of production.

To make that possible, the Group is directly supplied by more than 18,000 farmers who are close to its processing factories. The Group also seeks excellence in terms of industrial processes thanks to the implementation of standards of quality and food safety management, such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000, as well as the deployment of training programmes with the aim of reducing accidents to zero.


Safety first

Specific awareness campaigns have been deployed on Tereos sites around the world, like “Risco Zero” in Brazil and “Safety and Me” in Europe.

These campaigns promote the Group’s best safety initiatives and also make it possible to raise awareness among employees, specifically through posters as well as workshops on a variety of themes


Béghin Say talks about sustainable development to consumers

In 2015, the brand Béghin Say launched new packaging to highlight the work of Tereos’ 12,000 cooperative partners who implement sustainable agricultural techniques.

Featuring a French flag and photos of cooperative growers, these new packages showcase the local origin of Béghin Say sugar, which is produced from sugar beets grown and processed in France.