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The Cooperative Model

Unique model combining stability and dynamic development

With its modern focus, Tereos' cooperative model unites 12,000 cooperative growers around a long-term vision: creating value and developing outlets for agricultural raw materials, contributing towards the supply of quality food.


Tereos is a cooperative group owned by 12,000 French growers who produce sugar beet and starch potatoes.
The cooperative vision developed by Tereos combines stability and dynamic development. It enables the Group to implement a development strategy to secure and expand the outlets for its cooperative growers' agricultural production, while effectively meeting its customers' needs for international growth.


This ability to combine a long-term vision and highly responsive decision-making is one of Tereos' major strengths. It is central to the Group's cooperative mission: Tereos is the industrial and commercial extension of its cooperative growers’ farming operations. All its actions are focused on increasing their profitability and contributing towards their long-term viability.
Long-term commitment, proximity, openness and entrepreneurial spirit are values that are shared by all cooperative growers and employees across the Tereos Group. These values structure the Group's cooperative model and support its strategy.


Within Tereos' governance model, the representation of cooperative growers is crucial: whether they are present in person, such as during the cooperatives' general meetings, or represented by their elected correspondents, they are an essential part of the Group's life.
During each general meeting, they elect representatives to serve on the cooperative's board of directors. The directors represent direct links and dedicated channels for information between the cooperative growers and Tereos.
Each board of directors for the various cooperatives meets at least four times per year and represents a forum for exchanges and discussions. In particular, they work on the operational guidelines for sugar beet activities, making it possible to identify their cooperative's specific local features for instance.
The Group's directors come together twice a year for plenary meetings with the Supervisory Board and Executive Committee. During these meetings, they share the Group's strategic focuses, projects and latest developments.
From meetings of the Supervisory Board's office to the cooperatives' general meetings and sessions held by the cooperative boards of directors, more than 70 governance meetings are organized each year.

The cooperative boards of directors