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  • Origny

    The Tereos Group originated in 1932 when a few farmers, encouraged by Paul Cavenne, set up the Origny cooperative distillery in the Aisne department in France. At that time the factory processed 400 metric tons of sugar beets per day. In 1951, the distillery was converted into a sugar factory which processed 900 metric tons of sugar per day.

    The history of the growth of Origny and then the SDA (Sucreries et Distilleries de l’Aisne, the sugar factories and distilleries of the Aisne department) shows that the Tereos Group has emerged from the development of closer ties between several cooperatives; each cooperative has its own story. Find out about the history of Béghin Say (merged in 2002) and SDHF (merged in 2006).

  • SDA

    The Origny (Aisne) cooperative merges with the Vic-sur-Aisne (Aisne) cooperative, where the sugar factory has been processing 5,500 tons of sugar beets per day since 1951. The merged entity takes the name of ‘Sucreries et Distilleries de l’Aisne’,  SDA, one of the largest sugar beet cooperatives in France.

  • Berneuil

    SDA acquires the Berneuil-sur-Aisne sugar factory in France (Oise). 


  • Czech Republic
    Czech Republic

    The first expansion abroad takes place in the Czech Republic with the acquisition of the Dobrovice sugar factory. The objective is to establish a base in central Europe for the production and marketing of sugar in the region.

  • BENP

    From 1993 onwards, initial investment in the processing of cereals sees the creation of an ethanol plant in Origny.

  • Maizy, Brie and Bucy
    Maizy, Brie and Bucy

    SDA acquires three factories in France (Aisne): the sugar factory in Maizy, the distillery in Brie and the sugar factory in Bucy-le-Long.


    In order to expand the product portfolio to meet the needs of its clients, a maize glucose production operation is set up in Marckolsheim in France (Alsace): Syral.


  • SDA Union
    SDA Union

    SDA merges with the Artenay sugar factory-distillery in France (Loiret). This merger of two cooperatives results in the creation of the SDA Union.


  • Brazil

    SDA Union takes a decisive step in its international expansion by establishing itself in Brazil to process sugar cane. This venture gains momentum when the relationship with Béghin-Say brings its subsidiary Guarani into the Group.


  • Réunion

    The Bois Rouge sugar factory is the Group’s first operation in Réunion. In 2010 the Group continues its expansion in Réunion with the acquisition of the Gol sugar factory.

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  • Béghin-Say

    SDA Union and the farmers of Béghin-Say take back the majority of the French sugar operations of Béghin-Say. Find out about the origins of Béghin-Say.

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  • Incorporation of Tereos
    Incorporation of Tereos

    The merger of the two companies makes this new cooperative group the leading French sugar manufacturer, bringing together 9,500 cooperative members. The number of sugar beet sugar factory-distilleries in France increases from five to ten. The consumer brand of Béghin-Say and the Brazilian company, Guarani, are brought into the Group’s portfolio. Tereos is born. 

  • Lillebonne

    The Group establishes the factory in Lillebonne (Seine-Maritime) in France, which today produces starches, proteins and alcohol.


  • SDHF

    Tereos merges with the sugar beet cooperative, SDHF (Sucreries et Distilleries des Hauts de France), the leader in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region (factories in Lillers, Attin, Abbeville). As a result, the Group grows its operations and reinforces its leadership in the French market. Discover the origins of SDHF.


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  • Mozambique

    Tereos sets up in Mozambique by taking over one of the four sugar factories in the country – the one in Marromeu. An opportunity to strengthen Tereos’ presence in the Indian Ocean region.


  • Starches in Europe
    Starches in Europe

    Tereos acquires five glucose starch mills, thus becoming the third ranked European starch mill.


  • Guarani

    Guarani, its Brazilian subsidiary, is first listed on BM&F Bovespa, the São Paulo Stock Exchange.


  • Acor

    A commercial and industrial agreement is signed between Tereos and Spanish cooperative, Acor. A refinery is set up at the Acor factory in Olmedo, which processes, among other things, the sugar produced by Tereos in Réunion and Mozambique.

  • Tereos Internacional
    Tereos Internacional

    Incorporation of Tereos Internacional: expansion of the operations listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, which from then on, in addition to sugar cane in Brazil, integrate the Indian Ocean sugar cane operations and the cereal processing operations.

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  • Expansion in Brazil
    Expansion in Brazil

    Acquisition of the Vertente and Mandu factories in Brazil.



  • Stevia

    In association with PureCircle, the world leader in Stevia, Tereos creates Tereos Pure Circle Solutions (TPCS) to market Stevia extracts in Europe.


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  • Potatoes

    The potato starch cooperatives of Haussimont in the Marne and of Vic-sur-Aisne (Aisne) join Tereos, which becomes a major cooperative player for French potato starch production within a sector without quotas.

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  • Starch in Brazil
    Starch in Brazil

    Tereos reaches a new stage in its expansion in Brazil when it enters the high-growth starch market by acquiring a manioc starch mill in Palmital and by building a maize starch mill which will open in 2013.

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  • Bétaïne

    The production of betaine starts at the Origny (Aisne/France) site as a partnership with Dupont, making Origny the most significant site globally for the production of natural betaine. 


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  • Romania

    Tereos acquires the Ludus sugar factory in Romania, an area which is significantly lacking in sugar. From this base for expansion in Eastern Europe, Tereos will be able to support its industrial clients in a market where sugar consumption is expected to increase significantly over the coming years.

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  • China

    In partnership with the Wilmar Group, Tereos establishes itself in China with two starch mills. A wheat starch mill in Dongguan (Guangdong) and a maize starch mill in Tieling (Liaoning). China has been the world's biggest starch market since 2010.

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  • Methanization

    At Artenay in France (Loiret), the world’s first methanization unit to use only sugar beet distillation residues was unveiled on the site of the sugar factory-distillery. This plant enables the distillery to be self-sufficient in meeting half of its energy needs.

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  • Indonesia

    Tereos establishes itself in Indonesia (Jakarta), the leading economy in Southeast Asia and the third largest market for sweeteners in Asia, with the acquisition of 50% of the only maize starch mill in the country.

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  • Potatoes

    Tereos expands its starch portfolio with potato starch through the acquisition of the Haussimont potato starch mill in France (Marne).

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  • Tereos Commodities
    Tereos Commodities

    Within the context of the end of quotas and the revival of freedom to export, Tereos announces the creation of Tereos Commodities, and confirms its goal to become one of the global leaders in the international distribution of white sugar.

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  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom

    The acquisition of  the English sugar distributor Napier Brown Sugar Limited is a key step in Tereos’ strategy of further commercial development of the Group. The Transaction will allow Tereos to offer its UK and international clients a broader range of products and a premium logistics service in the UK.

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  • Alfalfa

    Tereos and Marne-based APM Déshy coopérative are merging in order to provide their members with new opportunities. By joining forces, the cooperatives will be able to make the most of the complementarities of the sugar beet, starch potato and alfalfa sectors in order to enhance the value of agricultural productions and offer their members new opportunities

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