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Our business

Tereos' employees are the engine of its growth, thanks to their expertise, their experience and their know-how. They hold a wide range of roles, reflecting the diversity of the group's businesses. Tereos offers potential for internal promotion and mobility to staff at all of its sites, both in France and abroad.

Agricultural businesses

Whether permanent or seasonal, staff are in direct contact with farmers, supporting them in the field in areas such as production techniques or the logistics of factory supply. 

Industrial businesses

In the sugar refineries, most employees follow the rhythm of the seasons, and have two roles, depending on the business cycle one for the campaign and one for between campaigns.  During the campaign (the period of the year during which beet and sugar cane is processed into sugar and alcohol), activity concerns mainly production and the management of the process. Between campaigns the focus is on maintenance and other works. 

Other businesses, like starch processing, refining, packaging, the production of industrial sugars, traditional alcohols and bioethanol, take place year-round. Thanks to the regular modernisation of production facilities and a constant questioning of practice, the productivity performances obtained are amongst the best in the industry.

Commercial and administrative functions

To support its production activities, Tereos employs commercial and administrative staff in a range of roles.