At Tereos, our safety performance is our top priority. On the one hand, this means food safety: guaranteeing our customers and consumers healthy, safe and traceable products. And secondly, safety at work throughout our production processes, for our employees and partners.

Guaranteeing the food safety of our products

Our customers are looking for global and safe solutions. They want a more integrated supply chain, from agricultural production to the point of consumption, which is efficient and transparent for future consumers. This is why Tereos is committed to each stage of the production of its products: from the field to the consumer. It guarantees quality and food safety.

In terms of industrial processes, the Group has implemented quality and food safety management standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.


Safety in the workplace, our top priority

Within the Tereos organization, managers, employees, cooperators and subcontractors are all committed to the same safety charter. The role and responsibilities at each level of the company are defined in order to contribute to the improvement of health and safety for all. Feedback from any incident is processed and disseminated in order to prevent its repetition at all Tereos Group sites.

At the same time, Tereos is deploying training and awareness programs to achieve the goal of “zero accidents.” Since 2019, 650 Group managers have received safety leadership training.


in reporting of near-misses since 2017 in our plants. A figure that reflects the evolution of vigilance within the Group


in the frequency rate of accidents with and without lost time at all Tereos sites since 2017

Commitment to an ethical charter

For Tereos, respect for business ethics and transparency about the origin and conditions of production are an integral part of the concept of security.

The Group is committed to communicating and raising awareness among its employees and partners of the Ethical Charter, the Guide to Good Business Practices and the Guide to Competition Law.